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Monday, January 4, 2010

The most i have ever done on a Monday

Well its not even 3 pm yet and let me tell you i got sooooo much done today.. i woke up a little late around 1030 and got started right away.. Fed the little baby moster and then got right to it! Cleaned the whole kitchen with dished counters floor frig and all. Vaccumed the whole place, clothes from the dryer,got showered and all did up , played with the little stink then gave the kiddo a nap and even cooked a great lunch which i never do. I cooked my meal for lunch because i knew i couldnt later tonight because i have group tonight. I haven heard from my friend though so im not sure if we are going ...really want to because i missed last week.

The Easy Breakfast...

I made a breakfast sandwhich with 3 strawberrys. I just put and egg in a mug in nuk in the microwave for 33 seconds . Put an english muffin in the toaster and when done put a piece of white american cheese on top then the egg. Yum! Then eat it on up. Filling and easy.

So for the big cooked lunch!

I browned mini shrimp boiled up some rice and cooked sweet potatoes and mixed vegitables it was great because i got many tastes but ate healthy and light as well.

For the craft I actually painted my nails

That to me takes effort and is an art is a sort of way.. I used one of the colors i recieved for xmas pink by avon. Came pretty nice!
I did not do my tarot cards today just because i simple dont feel like it! For the rest of the days its group possibly, exercising(situps pilates weight lighting arms and bike maybe). So thats all folks.

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