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Monday, January 18, 2010

day late im behind

Tarot cards of theeeeee day that is….

III of Swords reversed- Progress Is sluggish; delays are ineveitable. Are you looking at things honestly? Find ways to take control of the situation.

Ace of Swords reversed-Things are out of balance. Practice patience and perseverance. This is the time for some solo work. IN your dealings with others, don’t distort the facts.

Queen of Pentacles reversed-What you lack in daring you make up for in perseverance. Stay focused; don’t let others scatter your energies or sway you off course.

Knight of Pentacles reversed-The key to your future financial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at bottom lines, what you owe, and to whom you owe it.

IX of cups-Peopl4e are generous to those in need. Enjoy the kindness of strangers. Stay away from shop-talk and try not to worry about finances.

Today and pretty much the weekend has been laid back along with some coloring and Shopping for my dear young daughter. She is going to be one and I feel just like Christmas since it was her first one I need to spoil her to no end. I spent about 150$ on her for gifts and another 100 for decorations cake food and supplies for her party!!! It seems I have planed so far in ahead for once all I have to really do is get the food ready and bought to prepare for Saturday pick up the cake and get me and veona to the party as well as gifts and decorations and such. I am excited and she even has her party dress all set which is beautiful its brown with old fashion look to it with a white collar and buttons on the top half with a big bold bow on the back! Lovely just lovely.
She has been a bit ancy lately and in that stage where she cant really communicate with me so it’s a little frustrating yeah that stage but I love her little bones to death. I got her the cutest little brown boots with fur and lace ups just like her mamas and its adorable we can match hehe. Her gifts are: Mr potato head Alphabet wooded puzzle Wooden 3 trains that connect Plastic food in a big kit Fabric icecream kit Fabric vegetables 3 little pastic people Refigerator magnet game music playing toy( its so funny she loves takingdown the magnets on the frig so I finally got something baby proof she can actually play with on the frig. Shes always following me in the kitchen and opening cabinets and acting busy even though shes making a clean mess or getting in my way hehe). So I cant remember the other two gifts but that’s a good taste of her 1st birthday gifts from mommy.
A big new change for me was my online schooling started through LCCC!! Great for me. I am in prealgebra and sociology. Well the other day I was up at night for only about a half hour taking about 5 pages of math notes which felt great! Who knew but its good to get back in the swing of school when its been 3 years away ! My memory is coming back slowing and things are familiar but need a good refresher. I really want to be successful and want to have a career for my future and to be independent taking care of my daughter and myself . Im tired of financially having to be dependent on my dad mostly and it just sucks getting no child support or anything. Well I have an assignment due but as you know my internet isn’t working so we just got a plan with verizon now joint with our phone so it should be installed the 21st and for 80$ we get internet and free long distance callwaiting and caller id and voicemail which is amazing and ive never had those before! Stoked. But I have my homework due the 22nd and they never seem to get everything hooked up working great in time so im worried! I can not have my first homework assignment not done in time or that’s such a bad start! But we shall see im really hopeful school is gonna be good!
Well now that I am still so anxious to get my w2s im getting worried. As you all know im on unemployment and the last time when I had to call to sort something out they told me they just sent two letters in the mail which I never received … so im all worried I wont get there w2 form. Oh shucks I just wish it wasn’t so complicated. I know I have till the 31st to wait but I just want them now! It doesn’t help any to have to be on hold for 30 mintues when trying to call the Oregon unemployment line Ahhhhhh nothing makes me more angry and frustrated then unemployment bullshit. Sorry but its annoying and always a constant hassle and fight. They throw you around spit you out and make you roll around in anxiety and patience! Humph anywho. Taxes yea the suck but this year will be the first I can clam my kiddo. I have heard from mannnnny different people that they get back 1k 2k 2500k 5k so im look woahhh so looking forward to it.
Well tata for now!

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